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Salicylates Level: MedlinePlus Medical Test

What is a salicylates level test?

This test measures the amount of salicylates in the blood. Salicylates are a type of drug found in many over-the-counter and prescription medicines. Aspirin is the most common type of salicylate. Popular brand name aspirins include Bayer and Ecotrin.

Aspirin and other salicylates are most often used to reduce pain, fever, and inflammation. They also are effective in preventing excessive blood clotting, which can cause a heart attack or stroke. People at risk for these disorders may be advised to take baby aspirin or other low-dose aspirin daily to help prevent dangerous blood clots.

Even though it’s called baby aspirin, it’s not recommended for babies, older children, or teens. For these age groups, aspirin can cause a life-threatening disorder called Reye syndrome. But aspirin and other salicylates are usually safe and effective for adults when taken at the proper dose. However, if you take too much, it can cause a serious and sometimes fatal condition called salicylate or aspirin poisoning.

Other names: acetylsalicylic acid level test, salicylate serum test, aspirin level test

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