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Toddlers and Breastfeeding –

My toddler desires to breastfeed solely when he’s upset or drained. Is it wholesome to proceed breastfeeding if nursing has was a consolation ritual greater than anything?

Your toddler could flip to nursing for consolation and reassurance, however he’s actually nonetheless benefiting from the dietary and immunologic advantages. In any case, emotional assist is a wonderfully professional side of breastfeeding.

In search of out a reassuring nursing session when he’s upset and bouncing again as quickly as he finishes builds your baby’s confidence and emotions of safety and well-being. Actually there isn’t any proof that prolonged breastfeeding makes a baby extra dependent or harms him in any approach.

Quite the opposite, many mother and father proudly inform how unbiased, wholesome, and exceptionally shiny their long-term breastfed kids develop into. So long as you might be snug breastfeeding your toddler, there isn’t any purpose to cease.

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