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Vaccine (Shot) for Tetanus | CDC

What are the signs of tetanus?

The primary signal is mostly spasms of the muscle groups of the jaw, or “lockjaw”.

  • Jaw cramping
  • Sudden, involuntary muscle tightening (muscle spasms) – typically within the abdomen
  • Painful muscle stiffness all around the physique
  • Bother swallowing
  • Jerking or staring (seizures)
  • Headache
  • Fever and sweating
  • Modifications in blood stress and coronary heart price

What’s tetanus?

Tetanus is a critical illness attributable to a toxin (poison) made by micro organism. It causes painful muscle stiffness and might be lethal.

When the tetanus micro organism invade the physique, they produce a poison (toxin) that causes painful muscle contractions. One other title for tetanus is “lockjaw”. It typically causes an individual’s neck and jaw muscle groups to lock, making it onerous to open the mouth or swallow.

Is it critical?

Tetanus may be very harmful. It could possibly trigger respiratory issues, muscle spasms, and paralysis (unable to maneuver components of the physique). Muscle spasms might be sturdy sufficient to interrupt a baby’s backbone or different bones.

It could possibly take months to get better totally from tetanus. A baby would possibly want weeks of hospital care. As many as 1 out of 5 individuals who get tetanus dies.

How might my baby get tetanus?

Woman holding her foot.

Stepping on nails or different sharp objects is a method individuals are uncovered to the micro organism that trigger tetanus. These micro organism are within the atmosphere and get into the physique by means of breaks within the pores and skin.

Tetanus is totally different from different vaccine-preventable illnesses as a result of it doesn’t unfold from individual to individual.

Tetanus micro organism are present in soil, mud, and manure. It will get into the physique by means of breaks within the pores and skin, together with:

  • Punctures, cuts, or sores on the pores and skin
  • Burns
  • Animal bites

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