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Merits Of A Good Transport System

It is where people and goods utilize a transport system to move to a certain destination. Transport has become a major issue with man as he has tried by all means to come up with a good transport system. A good transport network speed up the rate in which people and goods migrate from one place to another. Man has continued to develop sophisticated systems that move at high speeds. In the old days cars relied on motors and wheels made of wood to drive them. There have been invention of cars whose engines use both mechanical and electric energy to power them. The existence of electric cars is present. Also trains and aeroplane have evolved over time. There is presence of speed trains and aeroplanes that can travel at high speed thus reducing the time taken to travel between two places. The merits of a transportation service are in this page.

It acts as a bridge between one facility and another. It helps in the reduction of the distance of facilities and markets. Something is required to help the movement between these facilities and markets. It is now made possible to migrate from one facility and market to another with great ease.

A transport system boosts the monetary value of goods. This is where the transportation system act as a marketing function as it helps in utilizing the utility aspects of goods. It creates both time and place utility and at the same time enhancing possession utility. Goods can be migrated from one place to a given destination using a transport system.

The movement of the requirements of production is made possible when a transport system acts as a connection between their source and where they are needed for the production to begin. The efficiency of the production is enhanced by a transport service as time of procuring the needed materials is reduced by a great length. The chain of distribution of goods is achieved with the help of a transport network that allows the migration of products.

The movement of labor and capital is promoted. Any advancement in the transport network translates automatically to an advancement in the movement of labor and capital which are among the factors of production available. Labour can migrate to the place where they can get job opportunities which then reduces the exploitation of workers. Investors are not limited to one place of investment as they can move around the world and select where they want to make an investment in.

By utilizing a transport network labor is divided and specialized. Transport network helps each region in a country make optimum and efficient use of the resources found there. The total production cost and wastage of resources is cut down.

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