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What You Should Know About The Loan Origination Process Including Some Benefits Which Comes With Such A System.

The process through which an individual makes an application for a new loan and the lender processes such a request is know as the loan origination process. The lender in this case may be a bank or any other financial institution. The process of loan origination will basically include all the steps especially from when the loan application is made to when such a loan is actually honored and disbursed. The act of dishonoring the request for a loan as made by the borrower is also included in the process of loan origination. The need to take a loan will in most of the cases determine the loan origination process. For example, the loan origination process for a mortgage may be different from that of business.

There are different channels which may be utilized for the purpose of accomplishing the loan origination process. The agents, brokers, self-service and the online applications forms the most common channels utilized to complete the loan origination process. Today, the use of the loan origination systems has been leveraged by most of the financial institutions. The purpose to which the loan origination systems have been developed is to support the process of applying for the loans. The various tasks which may be carried out by the loan origination system may include the process of identifying the borrowers of funds, the processing of the information related to such applications and vetting the borrowers so as to establish their credit worthiness. Another task which will be carried out by the loan origination system is completing of the documentation for the origination process and also approving or disapproving the loan application as made by the borrower. When the origination system honors the loan application by the borrower, the disbursement of the funds to the borrower will then follow. Where the loan application has not been honored by the loan origination system, the disbursement of funds will not be made to the borrower.

There are benefits which accrues to the financial institutions which chooses to leverage on loan origination system. The solutions which comes with the loan origination system are in most of the cases more receptive to the changing needs of the business. Through the system, the financial institutions such as the banks are able to able to provide the loan services without incurring the extra cost. The banks will experience reduced costs in most of the cases. The fact that the origination process is also automated makes the decision making process to also be faster. It also becomes faster to monitor the loans which have been approved. This is so since the systems also provides the real time solutions for loan monitoring. The transparency, flexibility and improved service to customer are other benefits of leveraging on loan origination system.
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