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Meet One of the Leading Investment and Entrepreneurs in Biotechnology

Those who have the privilege of knowing Jim Plante know how tirelessly he has worked to make a difference in the world. He is an investor and technology leader and many companies seek him out so they can learn from one of the best in the industry. Those who do not know Jim should learn all they can about this business professional and how he has made a big splash in the world of biotechnology.

From His Education to His Career

Jim got his start by earning an Electrical Engineering Degree at Southern Illinois University. Getting his education allowed him to start off on his long and impressive career and he continues to grow, never stopping or even slowing down.

At the age of thirty, Jim was an integral part of the acquisition of Beltronics, which is what immediately began to catapult his career. Beltronics has become known as the primary company that provides high-performance millimeter wave radar safety systems all across the world. When it was acquired, Beltronics was in the red and greatly struggling. With Jim’s efforts, an exciting and innovative new product line was launched that helped the company get back in the green in just a year.

In later years, Jim founded SmartDrive Systems and took on the role as CEO. The company developed a SAAS commercial vehicle safety program, which was able to successfully use GPS and special sensor devices that were able to monitor the conditions of drivers in real time so company leaders could stay abreast of their employees’ conditions and satisfactory work. Under his direction, the company was able to quickly expand to having over 400 employees.

Jim Continues Making Changes

Today, Jim is in no way ready to slow down. He has changed direction a bit and is now focused on helping those who suffer from kidney disease because of his own father’s diagnosis of Polycystic Kidney Disease. He was later diagnosed with the same disease and ended up needing a kidney transplant.

His new initiative is to make sure everyone has access to genetic testing to ensure diseases like Polycystic Kidney Disease can be discovered before major damage occurs. To learn more about his efforts in this field, visit the website today.